July 3rd Target Independence Day Celebration featuring the Oakland East Bay Symphony

In the Craneway Pavilion a historically significant building has been converted into the best large-scale indoor performance and event space in the Bay Area. For our Independence Day concert the venue offers ample space for a family event as well as the possibility of viewing the fireworks from either indoors or outdoors.

At first glance, you wouldn't think such a large open space would be adequate for a concert at all. Visually stunning, you would think that there would be too much of an echo for classical music to work. But Mr. Orton and company have acoustically treated the space to eliminate just that sort of echo and then additionally have installed a world class sound and video system that allows setting up a concert of any size at any angle within the building, making the space infinitely flexible for musical or theatrical presentations. In fact the space inspires one to create events to be held there. It has a combination of both natural and industrial beauty.

I find the space unique among venues in that it combines the feeling of being in a great open space with the ability to control sound and mitigate weather. According to musicians in the orchestra, it is the best venue around for Fourth of July concerts.

It is my hope that we can do more and different events there. It is a tremendous resource for the arts community and a magnificent place for bringing people together. It is hard for me to imagine form and function being brought together with greater success.


Michael Morgan, Music Director

Oakland East Bay Symphony


Image by YStudioPhotogrpahy



Codex Internatational Book Fair

by Chandler O’Leary , Anagram Press

We got way more than we bargained for—the space is absolutely cavernous. The bookfair was every bit as overwhelming as last time (just try looking at a few thousand pieces of art in four days!), but the Craneway gave the perfect breathing room to do the artwork justice. With its huge banks of windows and three-story ceiling, it almost felt like I was spending each day outdoors. I hated leaving at the end of each day.

And besides—this was the view from my table. Is there anything better than showing your work on one of the best chunks of real estate in the Bay Area? (Though I have to admit, every morning that one—admittedly awesome—Journey song would pop into my head, just like it always does when I’m in the area.*)

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