Richmond Rosie Rally returning for record attempt

By Chris Treadway,

The honor of having a Guinness World Record related to Rosie the Riveter is turning into a good-natured cross country tug-of-war between Richmond and Ypsilanti, Michigan. So start preparing now to tie that bandanna and lace up those work boots, men included this time, for the upcoming Rosie Rally on Aug 13th at the Craneway Pavilion. Check-in will start at 10 a.m. Participants need to be present no later than 11 a.m. to be part of the tally for the record.

The requirements for the designated Rosie uniform are also somewhat streamlined from last year:

·         A red bandanna with polka dots, worn in the traditional "Rosie" style.

·         A dark blue collared shirt and dark blue pants or dark blue coveralls.

·         Closed-toed black or brown shoes or boots.

·         Red socks.

A "Rosie Rally Pack" starter kit with red socks and a bandanna will be available for sale at the visitors center starting in June,

Volunteers are also needed to help facilitate the event.

The new location at the Craneway provides a historic setting in a building where defense work was done during the war and also some protection from the elements.

Details and updates on the Rosie Rally, as well as a link to RSVP or volunteer, are online at or call the visitors center at 510-232-5050, ext. 0.


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