T. Rex, Triceratops, invade Richmond's Craneway Pavilion

RICHMOND -- They came by the scores, some pushing strollers and seemingly all of them with cameras at the ready to capture their child's fascination with dinosaurs.
On Saturday visitors swarmed T-Rex Planet, a three-day exhibit featuring about two dozen of the dinosaur species that once roamed the planet.
The kid-centric display at Richmond's Craneway Pavilion included not only animatronic models ranging from the Pisanosaurus and Kosmoceratops to the Oviraptor, but also dino-themed rides, inflatable jumping structures, face painting and tables piled with model kits and hatching dinosaur eggs.
Accompanying the displays were signs noting the creatures' sizes, diets and where they lived. Some also included gee-whiz facts: The Maiasaura became the first dinosaur to travel in outer space in 1985 when astronauts took a bone fragment and part of an eggshell with them on an eight-day mission.

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