Craneway Pavilion- New Richmond Ferry Site

A potential commuter ferry from Richmond to the San Francisco Ferry Building could be in the works as soon as 2015. Marina Bay residents, and city officials gathered for a meeting at the Harbormaster Room at the Marina Bay Yacht Harbor on Thursday to view a presentation on the potential ferry terminal.

“The ferry would start as a commute-only service and could potentially include weekends depending on the demand,” said Chad Mason, a transportation analyst for the Water Emergency Transportation Authority. “Right now, are ridership is projected for between 1,100 to 1,700 passengers daily.”

Mason says the proposed ferry would cost between $6 and $8 each way and be able to transport 300 people at a time for a 35 minute ride. The Richmond terminal would be located at the southern point of the Ford Peninsula near the Craneway Pavilion. Residents also would have access to extended parking by the Port of Richmond and could visit the Boiler Room Restaurant located on the southeast side of the Craneway Pavilion.


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