Craft Beer Finds a Home at Ford Point in Richmond

Craft Beer Finds a Home at Ford Point in Richmond
October 18, 2011  Brian Stechschulte

Craft beer is finding a foothold in just about every corner of the Bay Area, even in cities that are normally considered a beer desert. A case in point is the city of Richmond, where the Boilerhouse restaurant is now featuring Rosie’s Shipyard Ale.

The Boilerhouse is part of Ford Point, a former Model A assembly plant built in 1931 on the edge of San Francisco Bay, which is part of the Rosie the Riveter/WWII Homefront National Historic Park. Thousands of women worked at the facility to support their families and the war effort. Now, where jeeps and tanks once rolled down the line, several businesses operate alongside an entertainment complex called the Craneway Pavilion.

Rosie’s Shipyard Ale was named after this historical pedigree and Richmond’s other major wartime contribution, the nearby Kaiser Shipyard, where Liberty Ships were once built and christened at a rate of one every two weeks.

This “house craft beer” was brewed for the Boilerhouse by Drake’s Brewing in San Leandro. It’s on the lighter end of the Pale Ale spectrum with a malt bill composed of American 2-Row, Caramalt and Crystal 45L. Magnum hops were employed for bittering, while Styrian Golgings and Cascade hops round out the aromatic character of the beer.

While the Boilerhouse may be too far off the beaten track for some folks, if you’re riding the Bay Trail or happen to be in the neighborhood, it’s worth stopping in to try the beer and take in the historic setting. The restaurant is situated amongst the plant’s old powerhouse equipment and offers modern American cuisine. If that’s not enough, the panoramic views of San Francisco and the surrounding topography are stunning.

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