Codex: Fair celebrates fine art of books

Codex: Fair celebrates fine art of books

by Nancy Davis Kho
February 6, 2013


The future of the book is assured," says Koch, who with his wife, Susan Filter, founded the Codex Foundation to preserve and promote the handmade book as a work of art.

The Codex 2013 International Book Fair takes place Sunday through Wednesday at Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, and of the contemporary artist books, typographic prints and fine printing that will be on display there, Koch says, "These are the books that will be saved."

The biennial show comprises a two-day symposium, already sold out, that draws exhibitors, curators and academics alike, along with the public book fair that is expected to draw nearly 3,000 people over the four-day period.
Additionally, the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley is offering a range of workshops in connection with Codex, taught by artists whose work will be on display at the show.

"The show is an extremely rare opportunity to see both traditional and nontraditional works executed at the highest caliber," says Rhiannon Alpers, head of studio operations at the San Francisco Center for the Book, which will be exhibiting its Imprint Publications at the show. "Most exhibitors in attendance are masters of the craft," she adds.

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