Living in the Material World: CODEX V International Book Fair and Symposium Return to Bay Area

BERKELEY, California, Feb. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2005, Peter Rutledge Koch, an internationally-renowned fine arts printer and poet, and noted paper conservator Susan Filter, had the lofty notion to create a forum for the growing number of small presses and artists who craft books using centuries-old techniques of letterpress printing, fine materials, and arresting design.

Amid a tsunami of books made of bits and bytes, Koch maintains that a well-crafted object "offers a visceral connection to author, bookmaker and artist. These books will move gracefully down through the centuries in a way that a trade paperback or a .pdf can never do." 

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-Fair is ranked as one of the top three book fairs internationally.
-More than 200 book artists, presses, publishers to exhibit at fifth installment of the largest gathering of its kind.
-Symposium speakers to include Roberto Trujillo, Head of Special Collections, Stanford University; Alberto Manguel, historian, novelist, and essayist; and Carolee Campbell of Ninja Press

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