Bjork Biophilia Live Show at the Craneway Pavilion- Summary

Björk Breathes New Life Into Craneway Pavilion, By Whitney Phaneuf

At the Craneway, there is a sense of being on the edge of the bay — waterfront views that span the Port of Oakland, the San Francisco skyline, and parts of Marin County — and attending Björk's Biophilia tour, there is a sense of experiencing the far reaches of human existence. It is, in so many ways, an unlikely but perfect union. So how did the Craneway land its first Live Nation event?


Five Reasons You Should See Björk in Richmond, By Tamara Palmer

4. The venue setup is stunning

Craneway Pavilion has been transformed into an intimate theater in the round, with plenty of close-up standing space and tiered risers for those who want to take the scene in as a whole. If you get there early enough, you can watch a spectacular sunset over the Bay and its bridges.

Björk plays the part of stunning mad scientist at the Craneway Pavilion, by Emily Savage

With purple lightning bolts of electricity jagging toward one another in a steel cage center-stage, powerful pipes that reverberated through the pavilion and rippled out onto the sea, and a fuzzy Snow Cone wig of every color -- cherry red, orange, lime green -- Björk seemed like the mad scientist of the natural world last night at the relatively intimate Craneway in Richmond, Calif.


Review: Bjork delights in Richmond,  By Jim Harrington

The Craneway isn't well known for hosting concerts, and it's safe to say that most fans had to use GPS to even find the building. Yet, it proved to be a perfect spot for the production. It was roomy enough for the "in-the-round" setup, with fans on each side of the stage, and the large windows provided great views of the Bay. Plus, the sound was crisp and clean in the building, allowing the many musical nuances to be heard — even if it wasn't always clear what, indeed, we were hearing. I hope that promoters decide to host more major shows at the Craneway.


Bjork invites us all into her wacky world, by Nicole Baptista

The singer launched her musically-inclined scientific project in June 2011, playing in cities all over the world for a week at a time. Craneway was a first for me, but the intimate setting and impeccable sound made me grateful to be a part of what I think will be a once-in-a-lifetime show.


  • Backstage at the Craneway – Anatomy of a Biophilia Show

Björk's behind-the-scenes video diary, filmed in San Francisco ahead of the in-the-round, intimate live Biophilia performance taking place at Craneway, Richmond.

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Part 2

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Image: Craneway staff

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