B.A.D. Girls Work Out to Wreck It

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February 27, 2013 Arts & Culture » Events

B.A.D. Girls Work Out to Wreck It
Put away your fishnets and break out your weights — it's the new era of roller derby.
By Azeen Ghorayshi

 The ladies of the San Francisco ShEvil Dead want you to know they're dead-serious when it comes to athleticism. So do the Oakland Outlaws, the Berkeley Resistance, and the Richmond Wrecking Belles. Get over the booty shorts, tutus, and theatrical hair-pulling of yesteryear; today's version of roller derby is a full-time job in black athletic pants. "The early days of derby were definitely the fishnets and the makeup and the whole sex-on-wheels thing," said Lori Petrini, better known as Eva Menace. "We used to drink before practice, and now most people work out like crazy outside of practice." On Saturday, March 2, Menace will skate with the rest of the Richmond-based Belles, kicking off the 2013 season of the Bay Area Derby Girls — aka B.A.D. Girls — in a match versus the ShEvil Dead at the Craneway Pavilion (1414 Harbour Way South, Richmond).

Given the elevated levels of athleticism, the games have become even more intense. Each bout is split into two thirty-minute halves divided into a series of two-minute "jams" — spurts of frantic skating whereby one person from each team attempts to score by shooting past the other team's pack, all while dodging what for most would qualify as a terrifying amount of bodily contact. And while matches are nothing if not rowdy — both in and out of the skating rink — don't expect the theatrical violence of derby games past. "The hair-pulling, the wrestling, the clotheslining — that cannot happen," said Menace. "If you're pulling anyone's hair, it's your own teammate's, and it's to get ahead of somebody!" Doors at 6 p.m., whistle blows at 7:30 p.m.; $20. BayAreaDerbyGirls.com

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Photo by Mike Butler - IGP Photo

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